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The · Spoils
things made by terra
5th-Jan-2010 12:42 am - 34 Marvel Icons
So I was feeling pretty bored and decided to do a quick batch of icons. Unheard of, I know. These are taken from the Origins of Siege comic that was out last week, but no spoilers! It included single-page origins of a bunch of characters that will presumably be important to the upcoming crossover. Some of the art is gorgeous.

34 Marvel IconsCollapse )
4th-Jan-2010 12:22 pm - 50 Suikoden Icons
Suikoden icons taken from the Gaiden and Suikoden III intros. You know, the ones with the anime-style openings. The Gaiden stuff features mostly Suikoden II characters, with some Nash thrown in.

50 Suikoden iconsCollapse )
1st-Jan-2010 02:04 pm - Happy New Year
boldini ii
I've made it my New Year's Resolution to post something here every week. (This post doesn't count, I have some icons I'll put up later.) Something that is original content, even if it's crappy. My biggest weakness as a writer (and as an iconist) is that I'm ludicrously slow, and that's mostly because I'm a self-doubting perfectionist. Awful! Hopefully, if I just try more, I'll get over it. (Yes, I will also update my personal journal at some point...)

So, good times! I also am making this post to notify everyone that I set up an account at the Archive of Our Own. Amazingly, Terra wasn't taken as a username, which is what always happens to me when I try to use my LJ alias. There was no Invaders tag, but I created one!!

I will probably be doing Yuletide in my normal way. Which is to say, scouring the unfulfilled requests for fandoms I'm a part of, and then writing them two months after the fact. But Natasha/Clint/Bucky is going to be my (belated) Christmas present to myself.
17th-Nov-2009 09:26 pm - 26 thor icons
Continuing in the theme of content no one wanted to see, here are some Thor icons. Specifically from the semi-recent Loki mini-series, with art by Esad Ribic. It's worth checking out for the art alone.

26 thor iconsCollapse )

I also have a question for the like, two people out there who read my fic: would anyone be interested in a commentary? I love to read it when authors go through and give play-by-plays of what they were trying to accomplish, etc; I've always been tempted to do it myself. But would anyone care? I think I've found the rub.
1st-Aug-2009 12:35 am - tiny, too tiny (invaders; gen)
TITLE: Tiny, Too Tiny
FANDOM: Invaders
SUMMARY: Passing the time, getting soused. This was commentfic I wrote for a prompt, so it's pretty rough, but I thought I'd post it here, anyway. So I'd be...posting something.

So they're holed up somewhere in the woods of UckermarkCollapse )
15th-Jun-2009 10:30 pm - four ghosts (fft; gen)
TITLE: Four Ghosts
FANDOM: Final Fantasy Tactics
SUMMARY: In Ivalice, death has become the fashion.

he expects to find her asleep, most evesCollapse )
14th-Jun-2009 04:12 pm - 25 idek icons
pridefall asked if I would make him some Namor icons, and I wound up iconing a lot for the recent Invaders flashbacks in the Captain America title.

25 nerdy comics iconsCollapse )
31st-May-2009 12:26 pm - 41 comic book icons.
Soooo I iconned some Ex Machina covers because I'm not sure I've ever really seen Ex Machina icons. And I also really liked the art on this preview for the Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special, despite not knowing what's going on in the comic at all, so I iconned it too. Uhh.

41 icons under the cut.Collapse )

Icon textures by candycrack here.
27th-May-2009 10:00 am - 27 Final Fantasy V icons

From the Japan artbook, so warning: lots of Amano ahead. I apparently continue to thumb my nose at Dissidia.

27 Final Fantasy V iconsCollapse )
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