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So, I wanted to icon the Devin Grayson/J.G. Jones Black Widow mini so there would be icons of Yelena somewhere. Bonus random Marvel icons from the recent solicits!!

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27th-Jul-2010 01:11 am - Redhead Icons!
Continuing, you know, my iconning trends. Here's stuff from Black Widow #4 and the new Bendis/Maleev project Scarlet. Because all you need is a girl and a gun.

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So I iconned the second issue of Hawkeye and Mockingbird with art by David Lopez. Then also!! Like five months ago I started to icon Who Will Wield the Shield and then I stopped about halfway through the issue because I'm lazy. But the icons live on in this post.

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10th-Jul-2010 02:27 pm - 234 Black Widow Icons pt 1
I've had these lying around on my harddrive for various increments of time, I figure I might as well post them, non? If you have questions about the artists or issue number, feel free to ask.

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10th-Apr-2010 01:15 pm - some random drabbles (invaders)
Ehhh, these were some small pieces I wrote ages ago that I thought I might force into something bigger but never did, esp. with the wonky things continuity is doing. So might as well post them now. Random scraps of Invaders fic, the internet event of the century!!

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20th-Feb-2010 10:26 pm - 24 spider-woman/thunderbolts icons
Here are some icons from this week's issue of Spider-woman featuring the Thunderbolts. The pre-issue 134 Thunderbolts, because that's how blasty from the pasty were gonna get.

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7th-Feb-2010 02:32 am - but right (captain america; natasha)
TITLE: But Right
RATING: Maybe a light R (language, some racy bits)
FANDOM: Marvel-616 (Captain America/New Avengers/Tales of Suspense?!)
CHARACTERS: Permutations of Bucky/Clint/Natasha, Carol Danvers. Nat-centric.
SUMMARY: Awkward meetings with exes, glasses of water, trajectories and conclusions.

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13th-Jan-2010 10:49 pm - 84 Alias Icons
red white blue
I just have these lying around on my harddrive, might as well upload them. From the Marvel series Alias with Michael Gaydos on art.

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6th-Jan-2010 11:35 pm - 28 Black Widow: Deadly Origin Icons
I have a bunch of problems with this series, not gonna lie, but one thing that is awesome is the John Paul Leon, who also did some awesome Russia-related illustration back in The Winter Men. Anyhow, uh, now I made icons of it!!

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